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A vision of a Powerlifting Gym by founders Stephen Do (@stephenvdo) and Peter Nguyen (@peterpowerrifter) that has slowly become reality.

Stephen and Peter partnered up on this business venture in mid January of 2017 and began building what they believe will be one of the top powerlifting gyms in the Portland/Hillsboro area to lift at. The specialty equipment selected as well as the team lifting environment that is being built at PDX Barbell Club greatly reflects on a lot of the powerlifting history, knowledge, and training background of both Peter and Stephen.

As PDX Barbell Club continues to expand, the main focus of the gym is powerlifting and training in a team environment with members that can help push each other to become better every day, as well as keep each other accountable.

Let's lift!
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Peter Nguyen

- USPA Certified Coach
- USPA State Referee
- USPA Meet Director
- Kabuki.MS Trained
- Process Engineer

- USPA Master Total
- USPA Drug-Tested National and World Record Holder
- 7 x State Record Holder
- 6 x Meets Competed
- Placed 3rd in USPA Drug-Tested National Meet

Peter hails from the east coast coming all the way from Virginia, where his powerlifting career began during his graduate studies at Virginia Tech. He grew up mostly in the books and prior to college, had no athletic background. He entered college wanting to improve his physical health, starting first with bodybuilding, but then truly discovering his love and passion in the sport of powerlifting. Having realized the transformative influence powerlifting has had on his life, he wanted to transfer not only the learnings reaped from his 3 years of powerlifting experience, but also to inspire and promote his passion for the sport in others. Although he has only been in the Oregon area for a year, he and Stephen realized that the Hillsboro/Beaverton area was missing a truly dedicated powerlifting and strength facility. Today, he co-owns PDX Barbell Club with Stephen, where he continues to coach and lift with the members and team at PDX Barbell Club. He is a competitive powerlifter in the 198 lb class and has competed in at least 5 meets to date. He holds state records in both VA and OR.

Outside of the gym, he works fulltime at Intel as a process engineer and enjoys being in the outdoors, computer gaming, head banging to metal, and trying out the numerous restaurants Portland has to offer.


Stephen Do

- USPA Certified Coach
- USPA State Referee
- USPA Meet Director
- Kabuki.MS Trained
- Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Certified
- Cat and Dog First Aid Certified
- Technical Marketing Engineer

407.8 Wilks @ 67.5kg / 148lbs

Stephen grew up in Eastern Oregon, in the small town of Pendleton, Oregon. After graduating High School, he moved to the Portland, Oregon area in 2006 to continue schooling and start his career.

His passion for powerlifting began in 2012 where he first started to enjoy the three compound movements, Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. Since then, Stephen continues to be heavily involved in the sport, training regularly, coaching, and also competing. His drive to continue learning more about the sport and the movements is something that he says keeps him excited and motivated.

Prior to starting any frequent physical activities in his adult life, Stephen used to weigh around ~190 lbs. It was not until his early 20s when he realized he needed to change positively and invest in improving his health and take care of himself physically. Stephen started with bodybuilding exercise programs, running, and yoga. Soon after he also started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well. He was an active Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor and trained Jiu Jitsu consistently for about 5 years until he started his new business venture and became a Powerlifting competitor and Powerlifting Coach.

Outside of the gym, he works full-time as a Technical Marketing Engineer and enjoys spending time with his two dogs (Bichon Frise and Goldendoodle), his family, girlfriend and friends.

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PDX Barbell Club
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